IdealHires Mission

IdealHires exist primarily to serve both Candidates and Employers in our local communities.  We are here to provide a platform for Employers and Candidates to find one another and actively communicate in reference to open positions.  

Employers and Candidates collectively putting their best foot forward in order to find the Ideal-Fit between Employer and Employee.

You get out what you put in.  If you want more, give more.

  • Jeanette Jenkins

Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to connect talented candidates searching for employment with successful employers.

Our job board offers Employers a unique opportunity to Post Positions, Review Candidates, Perform Screening Questions and Administrate Live Interviews.  These enhanced features make the hiring process faster and more effective for both Employers and Candidates! 

Simply stated, IdealHires provides an opportunity for Employers to connect with Candidates searching for meaningful employment across multiple industries.


The IdealHires job site provides an opportunity for employers to connect with job seekers looking for meaningful employment in various industries.
The IdealHires job site can help streamline your job search by providing a professional profile, job alerts, text messages when jobs are posted, and a private messaging center to communicate with hiring managers.


The IdealHires job site can help streamline your hiring process by providing a robust job seeker database, exclusive Match Jobs to Candidates feature, custom email templates, instant notifications when job seekers register, and a messaging center to communicate with job seekers. And so much more!

IdealHires is interested in being a strategic partner with you and your organization.  We work with organizations of all sizes and individuals of all backgrounds.  Contact Us Today!